Rules & Regulations

As agreed upon within the Membership Agreement, all iQ Offices members must adhere to the following Rules and Regulations.

Safe Workspace 

1. We ask all Members to sanitize any shared space or amenities before and after use; including coffee dispenser, hot water dispenser, Vivreau dispenser, fridge handles, faucets, printer stations etc. Disinfectant wipes are provided for this purpose. 

2. All guests must be pre-registered with your Location Staff. 

3. We encourage a Clean Desk Policy; this allows for thorough weekly cleaning provided by iQ and the building cleaning staff and allows for flexible working arrangements. 

4. We encourage regular sanitation of your private office spaces; including desktops, chairs, doorknobs, keyboards, mouse, and monitors. 

5. Should a member or guest fall ill while at an iQ Office Location, we ask that the Member collect a mask and gloves, report their symptoms to an iQ Staff Member and immediately leave the premises. 

6. All Member and guest illnesses with COVID-19 related symptoms must be reported to Location Staff immediately. 

7. Any confirmed cases of COVID-19 from Members or guests who have accessed an iQ Office space within 14 days pre-diagnosis must be reported to Location Staff immediately..


Shared Workspace 

8. Please do not place posters on exterior windows. Do not post illegal, inappropriate or threatening content. 

9. Please do not take furniture from the meeting rooms or common areas and move them to your office. Your office has a certain amount of furniture allocated to it, and additional furniture is an additional fee. 

10. Be mindful of overall cleanliness in public and private areas. Do not leave trash items in booths, bathrooms etc. Try to leave a shared space as you found it. 

11. Do not promote the use of our iQ Reception phone line as your own company’s. 

12. Be aware of scents: try not to wear too much fragrance as othersmay have sensitivities.

13. Be mindful you are working in a shared space: keep your voice down when in public areas.

14. Member offices are private spaces and individuals who are not a member of affiliate of the member company are not approved to access such suites. 

15. Be mindful of the time booked in meeting rooms. Please do not prolong your meetings as other members may be expecting to use the meeting room following your team. 

16. Be mindful during conversations. This is a shared space: do not use profanity, make inappropriate jokes, make gender-biased, religious, or racial remarks that would offend fellow members.

17. If you use or finish something—for example, the last piece of paper at the printer station, the last piece of toilet paper in a washroom or the last cup of coffee, please inform our staff members to ensure we are not inconveniencing others.

18. Please use headphones when watching videos or listening to music that could be disruptive to others. 

19. If you have guests into the space, they are an extension of you. Please be mindful if they leave a mess or break any of the etiquette rules listed here.

20. Don’t ‘Park’ in the phone booths or wellness rooms. If you have back-to-back-to-back calls and you are spending all day in this shared area, be mindful this is a space for other members to access as well. 

21. No smoking or vaping permitted in the building, or on exterior terraces.  

22. During Happy Hour, members and member guests are expected to behave professionally and consume responsibly. When participating in Happy Hour, members and member guests are limited to two beverages per person and are expected to make safe travel arrangements when leaving the office.

23. Please do not use the shared workspace as a backdrop for a photoshoot.

24. Please do not leave personal belongings unattended in communal areas. 

25. Practice kindness: please do not harass our staff or fellow members.

26. Unless it is an emergency, please do not demand immediate attention from our location staff. They will jump in and resolve any issues immediately, although keep in mind they may be helping another member in that moment. We are all to be treated equally. Having a larger office than another member does not mean you get priority service. 

27. If you wish to host an event in our space, please organize it by reaching out to The space needs to be booked for this. (This includes filming or photography within our communal areas) 

28. Please keep our staff informed of any business changes. For example: new members joining your team or updates needed to your payment information.

29. Please do not work from other members’ designated workstations. Some members pay for a specific dedicated desk each month. 

30. If you bring your children to work, do not leave them unattended. Ensure they are not disruptive to fellow members. 

31. Please do not spam others through posts, personal messages or printed materials. We understand that this may be the nature of your business, but this does not mean you can market to fellow companies.

32. Do not leave cheques on the reception desk when unattended. 

33. Do not make statements that could damage the reputation of other members. 

34. Do not disrupt the professional work environment. 

35. Please try your best to sort the garbage, recycling and compost into the correct bins. 

36. If you borrow something from a communal space, please return it (e.g. the stapler from the printer station). 

37. If you are eating at the printing station, please do not leave sticky or liquid remnants on the counter (this could affect other Members’ documents if they place them on the counter).


Kitchen Spaces 

38. Dishwashers are not for personal use.

39. Remove any food items from the fridge by each Friday afternoon. 

40. Remove any utensils and dishware from the kitchen each day after use. 

41. Be a courteous eater. As you are working from a shared space, try to bring foods that do not leave strong odours.   

42. If you spill liquids or break glass, please clean it up or inform our iQ staff as we do not want to create a hazard for others. 

43. Please do not put personal dirty dishes away in the shared cupboard space. 

44. Please do not brush your teeth in the shared kitchen sink.


Security and Privacy 

45. All guests must be pre-registered with our iQ Community team prior to arrival (ideally 24 hours in advance).

46. Be mindful of business practices in a shared space. Some company conversations should happen in private.

47. Do not let strangers into the building to access office space and floors behind you, without checking in at our reception desk – it is important to keep the safety and privacy of our space in mind. This is especially important on evenings and weekends. 

48. Do not lend your access card or fob and key to non-members. If you require a guest day pass, please inform our staff. 

49. Be responsible and respectful with internet usage. Do not participate in illegal online activities, visit websites with explicit information, or download from torrent over iQ Offices’ internet connection.

50. Practice appropriate behaviour in our space. Do not act destructively making other members or iQ Staff uncomfortable in the workspace. 


Private Offices & Dedicated Desks 

51. Do not stick, tape or write on the glass frosting on the office walls. Do not post any signs or any illegal, inappropriate or threatening content. 

52. Do not use the office space as a living space. This includes sleeping overnight in the office or at any time in the common areas. 

53. Please do not take furniture from the meeting rooms or common areas and move them to your office. Your office has a certain amount of furniture allocated to it, and additional furniture is an additional fee. 

54. Do not paint the walls of your office. Any requests to modify offices in this regard e.g. whiteboard paint must be communicated with the Community Manager. 

55. Please do not make any major network changes without informing iQ staff (e.g. setting up your own circuit, nest cameras etc.). 

56. Keep all business legal. We have zero-tolerance for members participating in illegal activity within the space. Do not conduct fraudulent activity. 

57. Please do not install any items in your suite without written authorization from the iQ staff, if it will cause damage. This could include drilling a safe into the wall or floor. Be mindful that when you move out of the suite it needs to be brought back to its original state. If there are fees incurred for repairs, you will be billed. 

58. Please follow our Doggy Contract when bringing dogs into our space (this is applicable to dog-friendly facilities). 

59. Do not light candles or anything that requires an open flame in the space.