iQ Broker Program

Learn how we can work together to create unique, personalized experiences for your clients through our shared office spaces and boutique co-working spaces.

We understand that brokers are an integral part of our business, and since our founders come from a brokerage background, we know the importance of relationships with your clients. That’s why we are committed to ensuring that every client you introduce to iQ Offices receives a unique and personalized experience.   

We consistently strive to exceed expectations for every Member you introduce to iQ Offices, and every broker and partner we work with. Whether they use our co-working spaces, meeting spaces, or private office rental, when one of your clients becomes an iQ Offices New Member, we pay out additional amounts of renewals in addition to the finder’s fee you’ll earn when they enroll. Learn more about the membership plans available to your clients. 


Our Finder’s Fee is calculated on monthly reoccurring payments for the License of a Private Office(s) (collectively, “Office Suite”) for the lifetime of the Member as follows: 

For the first 12 months or less: 

10% of the License Fee Revenue, paid 15 days after occupancy; 

For 13 months or greater: 

2% of the License Fee Revenue, paid quarterly, 15 days after quarter-end; 

The Finder’s Fee for Initial Terms and Renewals is paid upon: 

  • receipt by iQ Offices of an executed iQ membership agreement from the New Member or amended iQ membership agreement from a Member (the “Membership Agreement”); 
  • the Member having paid its First Month’s License Fee plus applicable taxes and Security Deposit; 
  • the Member occupying the Office Suite; and 
  • the Broker must provide iQ Offices with a valid invoice for the Finder’s Fee. 

Notwithstanding the above, iQ Offices shall take direction from the member/prospect as to which broker shall be paid and represent their interest, in the event that there is more than one broker involved in the transaction.


Fill out the form below to register a client with us to use our boutique co-working services. In return, not only will your commission be granted should the deal close, but you will also receive a $25 Gift card for each supplied client as a token of appreciation for your service. 

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